Aged Care Workshop

We are holding our education workshops again. What started off as 3 in-house workshops have now expanded to 20 with many being held offsite at hospitals and aged care facilities. The workshops are focused on updating people on the new laws…

Legislative Threshold Update – 20 September 2015

Post 1 July 2014 rules Fees and charges for residents who: first enter a residential aged care facility on or after 1 July 2014, or first entered residential aged care before 1 July 2014 and subsequently cease to be provided with care…

What I saw at a Chinese Aged Care facility

Last month I visited Beijing for a Financial Planning Conference focused on the future of China. This is a very important country when we look to research asset allocation for our client’s investments. The majority of our investment clients…

Comparing Allocated Pensions against Annuities

Generating and maintaining a long-term income is an important aspect of retirement. Commonly, most retirees find themselves deciding between the two board types of income streams: account-based pensions (formerly known as allocated pensions)…

Make the most of the family home

For the majority of families, their home and superannuation will be the two most valuable investments they will own in their lifetime. Here we discuss how the family home might be utilised to potentially assist in wealth and lifestyle creation. For…

Market Update – September 2015

Ask most investors and they will readily tell you that since the beginning of August our local share market has experienced some volatile movements (read ‘falls’) and once again questions are being asked about the ‘safety’ of share markets. What…

Social Security Frequently Asked Questions

Social security rules can sometimes be complex and difficult to source. Here we provide answers to some of the social security means testing questions frequently received by our advisers.

Legislative Threshold Update – 1 July 2015

This provides a summary of the fees and charges that apply to home care and residents of residential aged care facilities.

Compound Interest – The Eighth Wonder of the World

There is little doubt that the wonder of compound interest continues to be a force in terms of accumulating wealth even in our modern and volatile investment environment.

LifePath Financial Planning Join the Fight against MS

LifePath Financial Planning has selected the Enerflex MS Brissie to the Bay bike ride to join the fight against multiple sclerosis as our Charity of Choice in 2015.

Market Update – June 2015

Market Update: What have been the major economic events of the past few months?