Tailored Financial Advice Around Everything from Superannuation and Savings to Investments and Insurance

At this stage in your life:

You may be feeling the pressure to tidy up your finances as your family expands, living expenses increase and you take on more responsibility in life and career.

You’re eager to protect your family and children financially in the present, while securing their future through education, or taking other big steps in life.

If you're in a child-free dual-income household or flying solo, you might be enjoying the perks of a growing disposable income as you ascend the career ladder spent on lifestyle, leisure, and travel.

You've borrowed for significant purchases such as a new car or home.

You're working to build up your superannuation through employer contributions—and potentially have several funds as a result of different jobs you’ve held that you’re looking to consolidate.

Perhaps you've even received an inheritance and want expert advice on smart investments.

Whichever camp you fall into, you're looking for a tailored financial strategy. One that helps you tackle your goals—whether it's paying down debt, covering living expenses, saving for the future, or maximising your investments while you’re earning.

LifePath Financial Planning can
provide strategies around:

Financial Strategies Gbak
  • Cash flow management for your household, including budgeting and spending analysis.
  • Debt reduction and management (for example, a mortgage or loan)—effectively paying down debt on your biggest debts/assets to minimise interest.
  • Maximising your Superannuation with salary sacrifice, rollovers, and other accumulation methods. As well as consolidating Superannuation funds into one single, high-performing option. (Not all superannuation funds are created equal and individual client requirements vary.)
  • Personal Insurance—ensuring you’re protecting your family and income without the expense of over-insuring.
  • Designing an investment strategy tailored to your risk tolerance and financial goals.
  • Saving for your children’s education expenses.
  • Reducing your personal tax liabilities via tax-effective savings and structures.
  • Proactively building wealth and building financial security.
  • Asset protection.

Why choose us?

Trained By The Best

An experienced team, formerly part of the esteemed Whittaker Macnaught Group.

Services Self Licensed

Our clients benefit from greater flexibility of choice around financial products such as investments, insurance, superannuation and account-based pensions.

3 Offices In Brisbane

Convenient for our clients, with locations across Northside and Southside Brisbane.

Best Practice Advisers

Dedicated to providing unbiased, quality, tailored product recommendations based purely on each client’s financial goals.

How LifePath’s financial planning process works

Please note: This may vary as every planning solution is custom—however, this is a good rule of thumb!

Initial Conversation

We'll schedule a time to connect in your nearest LifePath office location; then, you'll come in to have a friendly 'Meet and Greet' conversation over coffee. We will discuss your financial goals and needs, propose a personalised solution, explain the cost of our services, and you can leave and decide whether it's a good match.

Personalising Your Financial Planning 

At this point, we'll work with you to establish your vision, explore your goals and challenges and tailor-make a well-researched, collaborative financial plan. Depending on your goals, this phase could entail several meetings or just one.

Acting On Our

At this point, we share that personalised, strategic, solutions-based financial roadmap with you. We'll provide you with options, and say which we think is the RIGHT one for your needs. However, you get to choose which you ultimately take. Projections are included to help inform your decision.

Reviewing Your

Every year, we review your financial plan to ensure the advice and strategy are still working for you and identify what, if anything, needs adjusting. Whatever changes occur in the market or your personal life, we'll make sure you stay on course financially by keeping tabs on your plan and progress.

The bottom line? This tends to be the stage when you lay the foundations for your future—and when you hit 55, you will see the fruits of your labour and be incredibly glad you got professional support and stayed on course! That being said, we always encourage clients to enjoy their life and money, within their means. It’s a balance, and we help our clients find the right balance for them.

In the 30-55 bracket? Looking for support to take control of your finances? Let’s chat.

The first meeting is on us. There’s no cost and no pressure, just a conversation to see if we’re a good match.

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