Tailored Financial Advice Around
Retirement Planning

At this point in your life path, you are preparing for retirement.

With grown kids, an "empty nest" and a career ladder ascended, you're excited to make the most of your hard-earned money and are gearing up for the day when your 9-5 routine is in the rearview mirror, and you can spread your wings and enjoy free time in retirement.

But the big questions haunting you are WHEN you should retire, and IF your savings will support the lifestyle you envision. The thought of leaving that steady paycheck behind is both alluring and anxiety-inducing.

It could be that you already have savings in-hand, ready to invest, and you're keen to explore investment strategies that'll shield your nest egg from market volatility.

Or perhaps you're already enjoying retirement and want to keep the good times rolling! You're looking into budgeting and cash-flow management to ensure your comfort without burning through your cash.

No matter which group you belong to, what you're really after is a solid financial plan for this next phase of life, peace of mind knowing your non-work income sources are set up and secure, and confidence that you're on the right track for a pleasurable retirement.

LifePath Financial Planning can
provide strategies involving:

Lifepath Financial Services Gb
  • Gaining a clear picture how much money you will need to sustain your desired retirement lifestyle—and a roadmap to reach it.
  • Establishing your retirement income streams from savings, Superannuation, government contributions and investments—then structuring them to meet your unique financial needs.
  • Planning for the longevity of capital—so you have a means of funding expenses long term.
  • Ensuring your assets and investments are tax-effective.
  • Determining your eligibility for Centrelink benefits and restructuring your assets to maximise them, and determining your eligibility for allocated pensions.
  • Using annuities for retirement funding.
  • Superannuation strategies and adjusting your Superannuation phases for retirement.
  • Understanding your cash-flow position to set you up for success and remove any financial uncertainty you feel about retiring.
  • Estate planning. More than just a Will, we will help arrange your assets so that loved ones receive the right amount of money, at the right time, in the most tax effective manner.  While fine-tuning the balance of funding your retirement and leaving a financial legacy to your family.

Why choose us?

Trained By The Best

An experienced team, formerly part of the esteemed Whittaker Macnaught Group.

Services Self Licensed

Our clients benefit from greater flexibility of choice around financial products such as investments, insurance, superannuation and account-based pensions.

3 Offices In Brisbane

Convenient for our clients, with locations across Northside and Southside Brisbane.

Best Practice Advisers

Dedicated to providing unbiased, quality, tailored product recommendations based purely on each client’s financial goals.

How LifePath’s financial planning process works

Please note: This may vary as every planning solution is custom—however, this is a good rule of thumb!

Initial Conversation

We'll schedule a time to connect in your nearest LifePath office location; then, you'll come in to have a friendly 'Meet and Greet' conversation over coffee. We will discuss your financial goals and needs, propose a personalised solution, explain the cost of our services, and you can leave and decide whether it's a good match.

Personalising Your Financial Planning 

At this point, we'll work with you to establish your vision, explore your goals and challenges and tailor-make a well-researched, collaborative financial plan. Depending on your goals, this phase could entail several meetings or just one.

Acting On Our

At this point, we share that personalised, strategic, solutions-based financial roadmap with you. We'll provide you with options, and say which we think is the RIGHT one for your needs. However, you get to choose which you ultimately take. Projections are included to help inform your decision.

Reviewing Your

Every year, we review your financial plan to ensure the advice and strategy are still working for you and identify what, if anything, needs adjusting. Whatever changes occur in the market or your personal life, we'll make sure you stay on course financially by keeping tabs on your plan and progress.

As you transition from accumulating to drawing down assets and move from a steady paycheque to having none in retirement, there are significant decisions to make regarding maximising your government contributions, minimising your taxes, and making the most from your money. A financial adviser can be an immense support in providing much-needed clarity. Together, we'll clear the fog of uncertainty, create a plan of action, map out your income sources, and offer peace of mind that you can indeed enjoy the quality of life in a retirement that you've worked towards and deserve.

In the 55-70 bracket? Looking for professional support to better prepare for retirement? Let’s chat.

The first meeting is on us. There’s no cost and no pressure, just a conversation with our compassionate, knowledgeable team to see if we’re a good match.

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