At LifePath Financial Planning, our aim is to share our professional knowledge and experience so that you have peace of mind and confidence in your financial future, no matter what cycle of life you are in.  To this end, we offer a range of financial planning services tailored to suit your individual situation, life stage and goals.

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Financial Advice

  • Cash flow planning
  • Gearing for wealth creation
  • Debt management
  • Tax effective savings and structures
  • Asset protection via investment vehicles


  • Life insurance
  • Total permanent disability insurance
  • Income protection
  • Trauma insurance (and child trauma)
  • Business insurance
  • Key man insurance

Retirement Planning

  • How much do you need?
  • When can you retire?
  • Planning longevity of capital and funding expenses
  • Retirement income streams
  • Allocated pensions
  • Annuities
  • Centrelink entitlements


  • Direct shares
  • Managed funds
  • Investment bonds
  • Asset allocation and diversification
  • The importance of market risk and market volatility


  • Accumulation
  • Salary sacrifice
  • Rollovers and consolidation
  • Transition to retirement
  • Self managed super funds
  • Anti-detriment

Aged Care

  • Paying for bonds and upfront costs
  • Keeping versus selling the former home
  • Affording ongoing care
  • Maximising social security
  • Gifting
  • Estate planning
  • Asset management
LifePath Lifecycle model