super fund check at end of financial year with your adviser

A super end to the financial year

As the end of the financial year approaches, now is a good time to check your super fund and see what you could do to boost your retirement nest egg. What’s more, you could potentially reduce your tax bill at the same time. There are a…
Superannuation Downsize Incentive is it a good idea?

Superannuation Downsize Incentive

Is it a good idea to downsize your home to upsize your super? By Rachel Lane Since 1 July 2018 Australian seniors have been able to make what is known as a “Downsizer Contribution” to their superannuation fund of up to $300,000, which…
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Avoid the rush: Get ready for June 30

It seems like June 30 rolls around quicker every year, so why wait until the last minute to get your finances in order? With all the disruption and special support measures of the past two years, it’s possible your finances have changed.…
Finally a super idea for extra retirement income. Lifetime Pension
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Finally, a super idea for extra retirement income

The federal government’s recent “Retirement Income Review” pointed out that many retirees live on just the income from their superannuation, rather than drawing down on the balance as they progress through retirement. This seems to…
counting down to June 30 - working from home expenses you can claim in 2021 LifePath Financial Planning can help
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Counting down to June 30

It’s been a year of change like no other and that extends to tax and superannuation. As the end of the financial year approaches, now is a good time to check some new and not so new ways to reduce tax and boost your savings. With so many…
managing investment risk with LifePath Financial Planning
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Managing investment risk in uncertain times

2020 exposed investors to the end of a bull market and the start of a global recession, all caused by a totally unexpected global pandemic. The outlook for the global economy and investment markets remains uncertain until an effective vaccine…
Strategies to rebuild super after early withdrawal
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Strategies to rebuild super after early access

If you've accessed your super early due to COVID, there are a number of strategies that can help you get your super back on track, when the time is right. Three strategies to rebuild your super  There are three key strategies that could…
LifePath superannuation strategies for EOFY

Smart super strategies for this EOFY

Want to help boost your retirement savings while potentially saving on tax? Here are five smart superannuation strategies to consider before the end of the financial year. 1. Add to your super – and claim a tax deduction If you contribute…
Superannuation changes and what you need to know

Five super changes and what you need to know about them

In the 2016 Federal Budget, the government proposed a wide range of reforms to Australia’s superannuation system. In fact, these are the most significant changes to super of the last 10 years. Although not all the proposals have been legislated,…
Changes to super contributions

Changes to super contribution rules on July 1, 2017

Savvy investors are rushing to make voluntary contributions to their superannuation before the new rules come into effect on July 1. Voluntary contributions to some advised funds have risen sharply in November 2016, up 25 per cent on contributions…

Changes to allowable superannuation contributions

Non-concessional contributions cap – $500,000 lifetime cap replaced by new annual cap The Government has announced that the 2016-17 Federal Budget proposal to introduce a lifetime non-concessional cap of $500,000 will not go ahead. In its…

How much tax will your children pay when they inherit your superannuation?

It is well known that superannuation withdrawals are tax free once you reach 60 years of age. What is not well known by retirees, is how your superannuation is taxed when it reaches your end beneficiaries. You may notice on your annual superannuation…