Retirement planning for the next chapter with Lifepath

Preparing for the next chapter

Retirement means starting a new chapter of your life, one that gives you the freedom to create your own story, as you decide exactly how you want to spend your time. While retirement may not be part of your immediate plans, there are advantages…
setting up a retirement support team - LifePath Financial Planning Brisbane

Setting up a support team

How to choose the right people to help protect your financial assets To reduce your vulnerability to elderly financial abuse, it’s important to have a strong support team around you that you can rely on and trust. These are the people who…
Finally a super idea for extra retirement income. Lifetime Pension
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Finally, a super idea for extra retirement income

The federal government’s recent “Retirement Income Review” pointed out that many retirees live on just the income from their superannuation, rather than drawing down on the balance as they progress through retirement. This seems to…
managing investment risk with LifePath Financial Planning
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Managing investment risk in uncertain times

2020 exposed investors to the end of a bull market and the start of a global recession, all caused by a totally unexpected global pandemic. The outlook for the global economy and investment markets remains uncertain until an effective vaccine…
Strategies to rebuild super after early withdrawal
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Strategies to rebuild super after early access

If you've accessed your super early due to COVID, there are a number of strategies that can help you get your super back on track, when the time is right. Three strategies to rebuild your super  There are three key strategies that could…
a life stage guide to retiring well

A life stage guide to retiring well

In the early years of working life, retirement can seem too far away to be a priority. We talked to Stevie-Jade Turner CFP®, about how she helps her clients get their finances in shape for a better future at every life stage leading up to retirement. In…
get your retirement financial plan back on track

Getting retirement plans back on track

After a year when even the best laid plans have been put on hold due to COVID-19, people who were planning to retire soon may be having second thoughts. You may be concerned about a drop in your super balance, insecure work, or an uncertain…
Australian retirement system review 2020 LifePath Financial Planning

Our retirement system: Great, but room for improvement

You could be forgiven for thinking Australia’s superannuation system is a mess. Depending who you talk to, fees are too high, super funds lack transparency and governments of all political persuasions should stop tinkering. Yet according to…
Festive season decisions

The festive season brings together families and important decisions

As we approach the end of another year, many people will be looking forward to the festive season and the chance to slow down and catch up with family, particularly older parents. Busy lives and distant homes can make it easy to feel out of…
downsizer contributions for retirement

Enhancing Retirement Outcomes Using Downsizer Contributions

Legislation to make superannuation downsizer contributions has now passed enabling individuals who are 65 or over to contribute proceeds from the sale of one eligible property to superannuation without needing to satisfy the work test. The…
Ready for residential aged care - LifePath financial planning

Are your parents not quite ready for residential aged care? Maybe home care is the answer.

Until a year ago, Joan was an active, independent woman enjoying her senior years. She loved to tend her garden, bake for her family and neighbours, watch football and read. Her daughter visited once a week with the grandchildren, but essentially…
rethinking retirement plans

Rethinking your retirement needs

If you are planning how much you need to save for retirement, don’t forget to include the costs of aged care. This is not just the cost of residential care, but should also include care in the home or support services to help you live independently…
Planning aged care LifePath Financial Planning

Planning your aged care needs

Planning ahead can help to demystify aged care and reduce stress levels. With awareness and pre-planning, you can maintain control and choice, have access to the financial resources to pay for care and minimise the stress on you and your family.…
five things to consider before you decide to on a retirement sea change

Five things to consider before a sea or tree change

Before you swap your briefcase for a beach towel, have you thought carefully about what life in a quieter location will really be like? If you’ve spent most of your life in the fast lane, retirement might be your chance to change gears.…

Seven ways to get more out of retirement

Leaving the workforce is just one step in your journey through life. And once the daily grind is over, it’s time to figure out what you want to do next. Retirement is something that most of us look forward to. But it can also be a challenging…