Trent and Brad at the Ekka



The westerly winds have been and gone and with that came the annual Royal Queensland Show (or, “the Ekka”, as everyone knows it). Both Trent and Brad took their families to the Ekka. This was Trent’s first time with his family but it’s a long tradition for Brad. Brad’s eldest daughter, Emily, is 16 years old and hasn’t missed one yet.

“I am reminded of the limitations of time by my clients,” says Brad. “One very smart client told me that you only have 18 summers with your children, so make them count.”

Ekka provides wonderful time to spend with your family and friends while also sharing time with our fellow country folk. Sometimes we think our situations are tough but reminding ourselves of what our farmers do for us and the elements they have to endure, can put this back into perspective.

“My children on the Ekka rides reminded me of the mainstream media discussing the sharemarkets,” Trent laughs. “Lots of heightened excitement during the event, calm afterwards then quickly off to the next event!”

One lesson Trent and Brad have learnt is to make time for family and enjoy that time you have with them. And that is also their wish for their clients.


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