Young Investors

At this stage in life you are:

  • Young, single and looking to accumulate financial wealth
  • Planning on borrowing money to fund capital purchases (perhaps a car or home)
  • Probably expending a large proportion of your disposable income on lifestyle expenses such as dining out, travel and leisure experiences
  • Perhaps starting to have an interest in investment assets
  • Starting to accumulate savings in your superannuation through employer contributions

Your financial concerns might be:

  • Meeting your living and lifestyle expenses
  • Saving for personal assets
  • Managing debt and loan repayments
  • Reducing your personal tax liabilities
  • Commencing an investment strategy
  • Protecting your income through insurance

LifePath Financial Planning can provide strategies for Young Investors involving:

  • Cash flow management
  • Budgeting
  • Debt management
  • Tax effective strategies
  • Starting an investment plan
  • Insurances for asset and lifestyle protection
  • A savings strategy (for the short and long-term)

Lifecycle stages - pre-retirees revised - v2