At this stage in life you have:

  • Minimal or no debt
  • A high disposable income with no dependents to support and little debt to service
  • A greater earning capacity (compared to when you were an inexperienced worker)
  • An increased capacity to save
  • A growing investment or superannuation portfolio
  • Accumulated assets
  • A comfortable standard of living

Your financial concerns and goals might be:

  • To start planning for retirement and retirement income streams
  • To maximise investment earnings and savings
  • To continue to accumulate wealth
  • To protect your wealth
  • Estate planning

LifePath Financial Planning can provide strategies for Pre-retirees involving:

  • Ensuring your investments are tax effective
  • Ensure you can meet your retirement requirements (how much you need and when you want to retire)
  • Plan your transition to retirement
  • Restructure your assets to maximise Centrelink benefits
  • Budget and cash flow analysis
  • Personal risk insurance
  • Estate planning