Aged Care

At this stage in life you:

  • Require a certain level of care with daily living activities, clinical care or personal care
  • Minimal or no debt
  • Have accumulated assets and superannuation
  • May be experiencing some level of social isolation
  • May require nursing or clinical care

Your financial concerns and goals might be:

  • Determining the right aged care option to suit your situation and needs
  • Meeting care deposits, fees and ongoing payments
  • Maximising Centrelink payments
  • Whether to sell or keep the family home
  • Estate planning

LifePath Financial Planning can provide strategies for Aged Care involving:

  • Help you to determine the right aged care option for your circumstances (home care, community living or an aged care facility)
  • Helping you to correctly calculate any means-tested fees
  • Identify strategies for minimising these fees and maximising Centrelink payments
  • Discuss the implications of selling versus keeping your current home
  • Explain the tax considerations for planning your entry into aged care
  • Put in place appropriate estate planning
  • Identify how gifting rules could affect your pension and income-tested fees

what are my options cover

The “What Are My Aged Care Options” brochure explains how care can be delivered and what options are available to suit differing needs.


The “Aged Care Guide” presents a more detailed overview of the residential aged care system including the fees and charges associated with permanent care.