Principle Place of Residence

How is your house assessed for aged care

How is your house assessed for residential aged care?

For many people moving into aged care, their home is likely to be the biggest remaining asset. If you move into aged care, unless a spouse or other family member continues to live in your home you may be faced with a major decision of whether to sell or keep your home. This is an…

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capital gains tax on inheritance property

Capital gains tax when inheriting a principal residence

Most people are aware that their principal (family) home is not subject to capital gains liability should you decide to sell and relocate. Most would also understand that the sale of an investment property (ie, not a principal residence) can be subject to a capital gain assessment at the time of sale. So what are…

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Make the most of the family home

For the majority of families, their home and superannuation will be the two most valuable investments they will own in their lifetime. Here we discuss how the family home might be utilised to potentially assist in wealth and lifestyle creation. For those that have purchased their family home, a great deal of value is often…

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